Thursday, 4 June 2015

Life Update | Finishing University

Hey guys!

This is going to be more of a personal post, because as well as wanting this blog to be entertaining to read, I also want it to be a place where I can share important life events and fun memories to look back on in the future.

So, I finished university! I haven't officially graduated yet, that's happening in October, but I've moved everything out of my old room and left my university town. The last few weeks were some of the best few weeks ever, and I made so many incredible memories with some lifelong friends. So I thought I'd share a few. Sorry if they're not all the same size, or don't go together very well, I've just chosen some pictures that represent my favourite memories.

Me, the day I handed in my dissertation. My biggest academic achievement of my degree.

With my two housemates and best friends, on the night of the 1950s themed Summer Ball.
The programme (that I designed!) for the last show I performed in with my university's Musical Theatre Choir, aka the best people in the world, and the best friends I could have ever wished for.

A beautiful view of Winchester, my university city, from the top of a hill we had a picnic on. I got sunburnt that day.

The roast dinner one of my housemates made us as a surprise, a few weeks before the end of uni.

I feel so lucky to have made so many fond memories. University truly did change my life - I transformed from being an insecure, sad teenager to someone with confidence, who knows who she is and what she's good at. I went from struggling to fit in, to having a lot of friends I feel comfortable with. Leaving was such a bittersweet experience, as it was the first place I felt truly happy, but I have a lot of new, exciting things coming up, and I'll never forget how wonderful this experience was.

Also, look out for a 'Things University Taught Me' post coming up soon!

Have any of you experienced the mixed joy and sadness of finishing your degree? I'd love to hear about it!
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